Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays everyone.  It has been a busy few weeks and I am sure everyone has already had too many cookies and milk.  I would like send out a big compliment to Tom at cornerbrooker.com for his great Corner Brook sings The 12 days of Christmas video.

While we are looking forward to winter it seems to still be a little bit elusive so far here in Western Newfoundland.   I know a lot of people are already looking forward to spring, so I have posted a few spring iceberg photos for your enjoyment.  Hoping to get back with some more photos this week and maybe if I can shake my cold, some new photos.  You can check out the Iceberg Photos here.  Now lets all do a snow dance and hope Blow-Me-Down Trails and Marble Mountain will be full of snow soon.

Getting back into the swing of photoblogging and this site has been harder then I thought.   Been way too caught up in the Christmas spirit or spirits as the case may be.

Enjoy the rest of the Holiday Season,