Keep a lookout – More photos to come


I have been busy working on the back end of sorting through lots of old photos.  Hope your looking out for new photos like this crazy bird was looking out for me.   This photo was taken somewhere in Gros Morne National Park on the Long Range Traverse.

Old Photos

I have been slowly and painfully going through my old photos. I have found some photos from events and of people I have not seen in a long time, including some from people who are not with us anymore.  It is actually incredible how many photos I have taken over the years, especially all the bad ones. I might actually go and take some new photos tomorrow but for sure there will be some older photos from around Gros Morne uploaded this weekend.  A bit of advice to any new photographers, keep your photos sorted and always keep a good backup!

I have taken thousands of photos of caribou.  As I was sorting through some I shot several years ago I noticed a caribou in the background of one of the photos.   I don’t think this caribou would like to know his photo is now on the internet but I thought I would post it for some shits and giggles. (Sorry could not resist the joke)