Bonne Bay Loop

It was a great weekend for a bike ride around Gros Morne. The day started in Norris Point with a ferry ride across the bay to Woody Point where the riders were lucky and got to see a whale and several sea birds.  After docking there was about 5 minutes to get ready and then the official start to the loop.   It begins with some small ups and downs before hitting the struggle (a large hill that is a struggle for cars in the winter months but not all that bad on a bike) and then some twisty down and fun downhills.  All the new paving in the park made for some smooth riding.   The road is a a collection of small ups and downs until you hit the Viking Trail at about the 35km point where you turn North and get a nice tail wind.  However you then need to head up Southeast to the highest piece of pavement on the island.  After the climb you are rewarded with a long downhill and then you follow the coastline back to the Gros Morne Mountain and the Parks Canada Visitor Centre where the 75km course turns left and heads to Norris Point.  The 90km route follows the Viking Trail out to Lobster Cove Head and then back through the Town of Rocky Habour, up Pond Road, past a great view of Gros Morne Mountain, and onward to Norris Point.  The day ends at the Cat Stop with a cold beverage and a hot burger.   There gossip of a 150km loop to celebrate Canada’s 150 next year in addition to the 90km, 75km and 30km loops.

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